Betting on Indonesia

Indonesia is maturing as a nation, as an economy and as real estate market. Home to over 260 million, Indonesia is the most populous country in the southern hemisphere and the fourth most populous in the world but has yet to ignite in the way that economists and its government would have hoped despite the

Top 5 Apartment Trends to Watch in 2019

We sat down with Americas Head of Multifamily Research, Jeanette Rice, to discuss her top five apartment trends to watch in the second half of the year. Jeanette touches on the strength of workforce housing, supply and demand, and her projections for 2019. Jeannette, you recently released the 2019 outlook report for the US Multifamily

Utilizing Non-Recourse Debt

We sat down with Debt & Structured Finance expert, Rob Doxsee, to discuss the benefits of non-recourse debt. Rob is active in all areas of commercial real estate lending and possesses strong expertise in multifamily agency debt, financing. Rob, you’ve mentioned before that your clients are always looking to grow their portfolios. Why is it

Identifying Where to Buy and Where to Lend…and Where to do Both!

A question we are increasingly being asked, by a range of international clients, is “Should I buy or lend in a given market?” That this is such a common query reflects not just an increased recognition of the lateness of the cycle in many markets (and the strategic benefit of shifting from equity to debt

Delayed Childbearing and Multifamily

Marriage and having children are common trigger points for moving out of multifamily rentals and into homeownership (or into single-family rentals). Millennials (turning 25 to 40 in 2019) have delayed both marriage and starting families, resulting in longer tenure in rental multifamily housing. The average age of first-time mothers was 26.8 years in 2017. First-time

Lifestyle Choices Delaying U.S. Homebuying

Homeownership in the U.S. is still being held back by two key demographic and lifestyle trends. The millennial generation has delayed marrying and delayed starting families, both traditional trigger points for moving out of multifamily rental housing and into homebuying. These trends will continue to influence the U.S. multifamily market but to a smaller degree

Is Change the New Norm for India’s Realty?

India’s economic growth forecast continued to move upwards to 7.5%1 in January 2019, ensuring that it remains the world’s fastest growing major economy. According to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), crude oil prices and unpredictable global financial markets are expected to have a bearing on India’s retail inflation. Policy reforms across various sectors in

Top Multifamily Markets to Watch in 2019

We sat down with Americas Head of Multifamily Research, Jeanette Rice, to discuss her top multifamily markets to watch this year. Jeanette touches on what market attributes investors should look for when considering their next investment and market attributes that are not as favorable. Jeannette, one of your latest reports highlights some of your favorite

Exit Ramp

What does every institutional investor who invested in commercial real estate from 2011 to 2015 have in common? They all were wrong on their assumption of higher exit cap rates. Cap rates actually decreased for all major asset types, except for some retail categories. The industry convention on exit cap rates is well known: Add

London: The Enduring Powerhouse

With all the noise surrounding Brexit you would be forgiven for thinking that London is teetering on the edge of economic purgatory being cut off from the supply of cautious global capital. The reality is an altogether different story with London continuing to be a global gateway attracting major investment from across the world seeking