Lifestyle Choices Delaying U.S. Homebuying

Homeownership in the U.S. is still being held back by two key demographic and lifestyle trends. The millennial generation has delayed marrying and delayed starting families, both traditional trigger points for moving out of multifamily rental housing and into homebuying. These trends will continue to influence the U.S. multifamily market but to a smaller degree

Is Change the New Norm for India’s Realty?

India’s economic growth forecast continued to move upwards to 7.5%1 in January 2019, ensuring that it remains the world’s fastest growing major economy. According to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), crude oil prices and unpredictable global financial markets are expected to have a bearing on India’s retail inflation. Policy reforms across various sectors in

Top Multifamily Markets to Watch in 2019

We sat down with Americas Head of Multifamily Research, Jeanette Rice, to discuss her top multifamily markets to watch this year. Jeanette touches on what market attributes investors should look for when considering their next investment and market attributes that are not as favorable. Jeannette, one of your latest reports highlights some of your favorite

Exit Ramp

What does every institutional investor who invested in commercial real estate from 2011 to 2015 have in common? They all were wrong on their assumption of higher exit cap rates. Cap rates actually decreased for all major asset types, except for some retail categories. The industry convention on exit cap rates is well known: Add

London: The Enduring Powerhouse

With all the noise surrounding Brexit you would be forgiven for thinking that London is teetering on the edge of economic purgatory being cut off from the supply of cautious global capital. The reality is an altogether different story with London continuing to be a global gateway attracting major investment from across the world seeking

Vietnam Shuffle

Vietnam has made made major inroads within the global industrial world in recent years. Supported by developments to the national infrastructure, agreements in numerous trade pacts, and the fact that higher manufacturing costs in traditional markets, namely China, have opened doors with major corporations, Vietnam’s transition from peripheral to mainstream industrial nation has been swift

Life After LIBOR

LIBORs days are numbered. 970 days or so, to be exact.  LIBOR is the London Interbank Offered Rate, the index for most floating rate real estate loans.  LIBOR comes from that rate at which 18 major banks in the UK would lend to each other for short term loans.. These 18 banks are on a

Power from the People

Analysis of new census data reveals which U.S. markets commercial real estate investors should continue to explore for opportunity. Dynamic Dallas Dallas/Ft. Worth was the country\’s unchallenged leader again for total population growth with 132,000 new residents in 2018, according to the U.S. Census Bureau’s newly-released annual population estimates. This gain brought DFW’s total population

Follow The Jobs

Because employment is the leading driver of commercial real estate demand, one of the best ways for real estate investors to gauge their prospects in specific markets is to study projected employment growth. To that end, Figure 1 presents Moody’s Analytics’ ranking of projected employment growth among the 53 largest U.S. metros (those with at

Pump Up The Volume

Foreign investors pumped $14.4 billion into U.S. industrial real estate acquisitions in 2018. This was up a whopping 152% year-over-year due to several large entity-level deals and 29% above the average volume since 2015. Foreign investors accounted for 21% of total U.S. industrial real estate investment volume in 2018. Investment from Canadian and Chinese buyers