Asia’s Rising Star

When debating the most dynamic emerging markets globally, it’s hard to lose sight of Vietnam. Behind the scenes of its strong economic growth, lies an expanding middle class with thickening wallets. Understandably, this has fueled the appetites of  global investors looking to make their mark in this maturing domestic real estate market. Home to Asia’s

Will Surge in Global M&A Lead to More CRE Investment?

For a while we have been interested in the relationship between global M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions) activity and commercial real estate investment (CRE). Strong M&A activity is highly correlated with strong CRE investment levels. The latest data shows that the value of global M&A is approaching the market level of 2007. A 30% year-over-year increase

The Masterplan

The corridors to investment are opening up in the world’s second largest economy, which is home to the largest population on earth. Yes, this is a familiar story, but also an evolving story. Particularly so when China is viewed as a series of economic clusters as opposed to a holistic entity. Specifically, once we hone

The Car is Dead, Long Live the Car…?

The emergence of disruptive modes of transportation in recent years has fueled much discussion around the future of transit, including commuting patterns and parking requirements for office tenants In my hometown of San Francisco, ridesharing providers Uber and Lyft, private commuting service Chariot and eScooter companies Bird and Lime emerged seemingly overnight in recent years

The Asian Pivot

In the first six months of 2018, we have witnessed a shift in the global real estate industry. A major pivot has occurred in the source of investment flows coming from Asia Pacific. The island nation of Singapore is now the largest single source of global commercial real estate capital from this region, supplanting China.

The Tide is Turning

The tides are turning in Asia. Regional outbound flows, a space once dominated by Chinese capital is now being replaced by Singaporean investors. As Chinese investors decelerate their acquisitions of overseas assets and even begin to exit investments, we’ve seen Singapore take center stage. While it’s hard to untangle China’s role from any kind of

Are Trade Tensions Good for the Global Economy?

Despite global trade tensions, the global economy reached an estimated growth rate of 3.8% in the first half of 2018, the fastest since 2011, driven by growing consumer spending and massive fiscal stimulus enacted in the U.S. We might even argue that trade tensions have been good for the global economy, pushing China into additional

Hey Big Spenders

While outbound investment flows continue from Asia, we’ve seen a recent shift in where the capital has been

Does Investment in Workforce Housing Still Make Sense?

This is one of the most common questions asked by CBRE clients this past summer. The answer is a qualified “yes.” Before elaborating on that qualified yes, some sort of definition is warranted since the term “workforce housing” means different things to different people. The best way to think about workforce housing is to consider

Orlando Coasting

Orlando experienced the largest employment growth rate in June among the 38 largest metros in the U.S. with