Most Generation Xers will remember that the greatest innovation in video gaming in the late 1970s was the Atari 5200. It was the first mass-marketed gaming system using cartridges that allowed you to switch games easily and to get a steady parade of new titles. I always reverted to what I considered the old-school classics:

Stand and Deliver

Multifamily development is generally positive for the industry but can have an unfavorable impact when too much product is built. On the positive side, development provides investment opportunity for both the developers and their capital partners. Development responds to housing demand and provides housing to thousands of Americans. Moreover, development is generally positive for enhancing

Where are the Jobs?

Phoenix experienced the best year-over-year employment growth rate in May among the 41 largest metros in the U.S. at 3.2%, more than double the national rate of 1.5%. New York and Dallas/Ft. Worth led the country for total job growth, gaining, respectively, 114,000 and 107,000 jobs year-over-year. The metros with the highest rates of job

Causes and Consequences of the Global Economic Slowdown

Combined growth of the main developed economies (U.S., Canada, Japan, Germany, France, Italy and the U.K.), known as the G7, has slowed sharply since the end of 2017. While this deceleration appears to have ended, and there is no evidence of a drift into recession, we do not expect a rapid bounce back in activity.

The Value in Retail

The retail sector has become a much less crowded space for investors due to uncertainties around changing retail patterns and the impact of online retailing. This lack of competition is not necessarily a bad thing – in a lot of sectors, groups are struggling to find ways to deploy capital. I believe investors shouldn’t give

Minimal Mortgage Delinquencies for Multifamily

Multifamily mortgage delinquencies dropped to very low levels several years ago and have remained there. The sustained health of multifamily loans is a significant characteristic of the multifamily industry today even if rarely discussed. The near-term outlook is favorable. An economic downturn will lead to higher delinquency rates. Many factors will influence the magnitude of

Outlook for Affordable Housing in India Promising, but Challenges Remain

The policy push for affordable housing sector, provided through several announcements in the Interim Budget for 2019-20, not

Betting on Indonesia

Indonesia is maturing as a nation, as an economy and as real estate market. Home to over 260

Top 5 Apartment Trends to Watch in 2019

We sat down with Americas Head of Multifamily Research, Jeanette Rice, to discuss her top five apartment trends to watch in the second half of the year. Jeanette touches on the strength of workforce housing, supply and demand, and her projections for 2019. Jeannette, you recently released the 2019 outlook report for the US Multifamily

Utilizing Non-Recourse Debt

We sat down with Debt & Structured Finance expert, Rob Doxsee, to discuss the benefits of non-recourse debt. Rob is active in all areas of commercial real estate lending and possesses strong expertise in multifamily agency debt, financing. Rob, you’ve mentioned before that your clients are always looking to grow their portfolios. Why is it