Smell More Roses

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” – William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet My New Year’s resolution last year was to smell more roses. At 47 years of age, by my measure I have been going full tilt for more than 30 years. This really started when, at 16, I changed from

Investing in our Heritage

Shophouses are a unique and interesting asset class in Singapore. These units, often narrow small terraced houses, with a sheltered ‘five foot’ pathway in front, are prevalent in Singapore’s architectural history. Many of these units were built prior to World World II and found in the old city centres. Due to their historical significance, many

Pass the SALT?

I am a big infrastructure guy. Everywhere I go, I tell local investors that their city’s growth potential is limited unless it has good transportation infrastructure (roads, airports and mass transit). Based on my experience, “old-school” cities like New York, Washington D.C., Chicago and Boston score very high for transportation infrastructure. While Chicago’s subway system

Seniors Housing in the Limelight

Investors remain bullish on the seniors housing sector, based on CBRE’s recent survey of the most influential seniors housing and care investors, developers, lenders and brokers in the U.S. Our latest U.S. Seniors Housing & Care Investor Survey found a generally upbeat view of the sector confirmed by low and tightening cap rate pricing. The survey questions

The Democracy Solution

A few years ago, I played golf with a fellow who ran a home for troubled young men in Baltimore. His story inspired me, and I told him that if there is such a thing as “God’s work,” then he was doing it. When I asked him what he was doing to get these kids

Are We Looking at Tighter Money in Asia in 2018?

One piece of economic news went relatively unnoticed in the lead-up to the Fed’s December rate-hike decision: South Korea’s central bank, the Bank of Korea—often considered a bellwether of interest rates in Asia—had already raised its benchmark rate at the end of November. It has been a very good year for Asia in economic terms.

Disappearing Delinquency

Very low mortgage delinquency rates have characterized the multifamily sector for many years, a sign of the sector’s sustained health. It is a characteristic that should be celebrated by industry participants of all types. Yet, the question has arisen in recent months as to what happened during the last downturn – perhaps as a guide

Continued Asian demand…Japanese Capital?

In the same week that Japan’s biggest bank, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial, announced it was creating nearly 200 new investment banking jobs in London in the hope of boosting income outside of Japan, Westfield revealed its plans to open Europe’s largest Japanese food hall at its West London shopping centre. Complete with a sake bar, noodle

Solid and Stable: Can It Continue?

CBRE’s benchmark global office yield remained stable last quarter. Of the 32 prime office markets included in the

Breaking Good

I have given more than 200 speeches in most of the country’s major and secondary markets in the past two years. I probably have met and spoken with more people during this time than most will in a lifetime. Despite my travels far and wide, I was in northern New Mexico (Albuquerque, Santa Fe and