SOFR to the Rescue?

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York recently commenced publication of a new short-term rate benchmark. The Secured Overnight Funding Rate (SOFR) is intended to replace Libor as the new standard for pricing short-term floating rate debt and serve as a reference rate for a new futures and derivatives market. Following scandals related to the

Logistics Demand Driven by Prices as well as Technology, Demographics

This real estate cycle is remarkable for its length and the shift in activity between property types. Single family homes have given way to apartments; retail has ceded ground to industrial and logistics. Technology and demographics are often seen as the big drivers of change but there is a more basic explanation that comes from

Market Momentum

The two most precious commodities in commercial real estate are large assets with high yield (coveted by investors) and deep pools of talent centered around colleges and universities (highly desired by today’s occupiers). No less important — but perhaps less appreciated — is market momentum, which often is the key driver of the biggest market

The History of the Future

“There are none so blind as those who will not see” – The Bible, Jer. 5:21 The premise of

Urban Big Data and Real Estate Markets

Most real estate value is created at the urban level, but some of the most expensive cities in the world are the least well-functioning.  So, it does not follow that improvements in the ways cities are run will flow directly into increased real estate value, but they might. Big data techniques are increasingly being adopted

Seamless Connectivity

Passenger elevators were invented in 1857 and transformed real estate in America. Prior to this, the cheapest rent

Ensure your Late Cycle Investment is Fit for Purpose

As markets across the world become late cycle, investors are searching for the best strategies for the top of the market. With markets at their most competitive, we ask whether investors should take the opportunities on offer to enjoy the last of the upswing, or be more selective? There are many stories to be told

Awesome Austin & Other Stories

Is everyone moving to Austin? Not quite, but it might look that way given the newly-released annual population estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau. Austin experienced the fastest rate of population growth of all major U.S. metros in 2017. Its population rose 2.7% last year, nearly four times the national rate of 0.7%. Austin welcomed

Rising Steel Prices & CRE

President Trump’s recent executive order imposing tariffs of 25% on steel imports and 10% on aluminum imports could

Warehouse Oversupply?

New warehouse supply has reacted robustly to the current strength of demand in Europe. As a result, completions have recently reached nearly double the levels at the height of the last cycle. We address here whether there is a risk that future supply could produce a surplus, or whether take-up will continue to be sufficient