Cross-Border Capital Investment into Hospitality

Much like the hotel business, capital is dynamic, and sources of supply and demand are constantly shifting.  A savvy investor and advisor are aware of how these currents play into the success of the real estate investments. This article is a brief look at the top 10 cross border equity capital providers in the hospitality

The Search for Yield Ends Here

Investor demand for U.S. net-lease product remains strong, with 2016 transaction volume of $53.6 billion the second-highest annual

Be Like Mikey!

Fellow Gen Xers may agree that one of the most memorable television stars of the late 1970s was Mikey from the Life cereal commercials. Mikey was a finicky eater who hated everything, and so he was enlisted as a taste tester for his brothers who were reluctant to try a new cereal that was “supposed

A Brighter Catalyst

The month of March, dominated by MIPIM, tends to act as the annual barometer of the property market, a bellwether of sentiment and intention for the rest of the year. However, can we extend this analogy to incorporate the entire property cycle? Last year, MIPIM was dominated by ‘Wet Wednesday’ and storm clouds certainly overshadowed

Safety Dance

After all these years, I still have vivid memories from 1983 as a 12-year-old attending a school play in Harrison, New York when a nearby explosion rocked the building. At first we thought it might have been thunder, but it wasn’t. It was a bomb detonated at a building about a mile away by people

Is Rising Corporate M&A Activity Positive for Real Estate?

2017 has brought a sharp increase in the level of corporate mergers and acquisitions, with global activity up

It’s a Rich Man’s World

Demand for U.S. commercial real estate assets from High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI)—those with more than $1 million in liquid assets—rose in 2016 to $10.3 billion, marking the highest level seen since 2013. The HNWI real estate market comprises approximately 2%[1] of the total U.S. CRE investment volumes. HNWI U.S. Commercial Real Estate Sales Volume

Masters of All We Survey?

One of the quiet revolutions in economics over the last 20 years has been the growing use of surveys. For timely data on everything from consumer sentiment to investment plans and export volumes, survey data are more easily compared across countries than actual economic data, because the method of collection is consistent. I pay particular

The Market has Turned on a Sixpence (or Lots of Them)

What a difference a year makes. I can recall few examples of a market so swiftly changing its

Rays of Success

In like a lion, out like a lamb. The middle of March arrived and for the property industry