Are Trade Tensions Good for the Global Economy?

Despite global trade tensions, the global economy reached an estimated growth rate of 3.8% in the first half of 2018, the fastest since 2011, driven by growing consumer spending and massive fiscal stimulus enacted in the U.S. We might even argue that trade tensions have been good for the global economy, pushing China into additional

Hey Big Spenders

While outbound investment flows continue from Asia, we’ve seen a recent shift in where the capital has been

Does Investment in Workforce Housing Still Make Sense?

This is one of the most common questions asked by CBRE clients this past summer. The answer is a qualified “yes.” Before elaborating on that qualified yes, some sort of definition is warranted since the term “workforce housing” means different things to different people. The best way to think about workforce housing is to consider

Orlando Coasting

Orlando experienced the largest employment growth rate in June among the 38 largest metros in the U.S. with

Weathering the Storm

Escalating trade conflict with the U.S. and mounting debt among domestic developers, combined with unprecedented deleveraging, have prompted critics to claim that tough times are ahead for China’s property market. The reality is far more nuanced. While some sectors may endure some short-term discomfort, the market is resilient and likely to emerge unscathed from the

Global Capital…An Alternative Thought

International investors have long been dominating the headlines with regards to the UK real estate investment market, and my recent travels have done nothing but re-affirm the continued level of appetite for UK assets. Global equity remains resolute, with an estimated £37 billion targeting Central London offices, and there is no shortage of new capital

Here We Go Again?

If there is one assumption most property experts agree on, it is that we are approaching the end of another cycle. This has historically seen a surge of commercial property lending by the clearing banks and a relaxation of loan covenants. While there is evidence that across the market generally debt levels are on the

Extended Cycle? Extended Slow Growth

Last time the U.S. unemployment rate fell below 4% was 2000. At the time, annual growth of office

Bought in the USA

Rising interest rates, escalating trade tensions, the longest streak of monthly employment gains on record—these are just a

Multifamily in a Nutshell

All the Q2 multifamily market facts and stats are in our newly-released U.S. Multifamily Figures report, but here