Why Brexit Could Prove to be a Blessing in Disguise

The UK’s long term average share of global real estate investment is about 13%. Until early 2016, the level of UK investment moved in sync with the global total. In the run up to the UK’s historic Brexit vote on June 23, 2016 a divergence appeared. Investment fell sharply and then fell further after the referendum,

Multifamily Developers Seize Opportunity

Opportunity Zones have been discussed at length since their inception in Q1 2018. Interest is high, and 300+ investment funds had targets to raise ±$50 billion to invest in Opportunity Zones as of Q2 2019. The impact of Opportunity Zone incentives is mixed and should be described in nuanced terms. Overall, investment volumes appear to

Homeownership Gets Boost From Ageing Millennials

Homeownership in the U.S. continued its ascent in Q3 2019 boosted by increased buying from an ageing millennial population. The homeownership rate reached 64.8% not seasonally adjusted and 64.7% seasonally adjusted. Both rates rose 0.4 percentage point from Q2 and year-over-year. The homeownership rate has been gradually rising for three years following a decade-long decline.

Data Takes Center Stage

Thriving technologies such as virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing are leading to rapidly increasing global demand for faster connectivity and data storage. Though still considered a relatively young asset class, investor appetite for data centers—the gigantic warehouses that hold vast numbers of computer servers that store, process, and distribute data—continues to grow in

Mars Attacks!

As a panel moderator 12 years ago, I asked some of the world’s largest commercial real estate owners and developers, “Has the economic case been made to make your buildings green?” Not a single hand went up. I ask that same question a lot today and every hand goes up. The panelists no longer look

Multifamily Housing Still Hitting Home Runs

It’s the time of year when many of us become re-engaged with major league baseball via the playoffs (go Astros!), root for the home football team (the Cowboys, well there’s still hope) AND begin to think about multifamily market performance in the coming year. All outlooks begin with the economy. CBRE Econometric Advisors (CBRE EA)

Multifamily Starts Rise

Multifamily market performance is influenced greatly by development activity. The industry has been expecting a decline in construction

Why Concerns Around Rising I&L Vacancy Are Overblown

In the late 2000s, demand for warehousing largely originated from the main supermarkets, high street retailers and the 3PLs.  The supply chain networks were relatively simple with national warehouses supplying regional facilities or the shops themselves. Very few people owned a smartphone and therefore limited shopping was performed online.  Today, the online retailers are leading

The Koreans Have Arrived!

In global commercial real estate markets, Korean investors are hardly bit players. In recent times, it’s the opposite, establishing themselves as bona fide participants in cross-border investments. In real estate circles, the rise is often discussed as a rapid emergence. Looking closer, the fundamentals driving the offshore push by Korean investors ensure that this development

Why UK Real Estate Will Weather the Brexit Storm

The UK’s long-term average share of global real estate investment is about 13%.  Until early 2016, the level of UK investment moved in sync with the global total (Figure 1). A divergence appeared around Q2 2016 in the run up to the UK’s historic Brexit vote (June 23, 2016). Investment fell sharply, and then fell