Are We Looking at an Extended Cycle?

Before we launch into the discussion, let’s just remind ourselves of how important economic conditions are for real estate markets. The figure below shows U.S. unemployment—probably the best single indicator of the global economic cycle—alongside office rental growth in the U.S., U.K. and world. We consider two potential scenarios: one that forecasts an end to

The General Art of Making Places

Placemaking has become something of a buzz word in the real estate industry and is now the focus of professionals across the world. However, the fine balance of elements that contribute to its success should not always be commercially minded, something that in my opinion, is not always fully understood. Placemaking is a concept to

Another 25-bps

The Federal Reserve raised interest rates by 25 basis points (bps) today, lifting the target range for the

Come What May?

While the Government might look weakened in the light of today’s UK election result, the overall shape of Brexit isn’t obviously changed by it, nor are the UK’s strong economic fundamentals. But does it change the outlook for real estate? With a serious blow to her previous majority of 17, and despite the Conservatives taking

Love and Fear in Commercial Real Estate Investing

“It’s not respect but fear that motivates a man; that’s how empires are built and revolutions begin” – Michael Dobbs (Author, House of Cards) While walking through the Forum Shops in Las Vegas with my young son a few weeks ago, we passed a sports memorabilia store with a sign reading “Meet Mike Tyson Here Today

New York, So. California and Dallas/Ft. Worth Lead Multifamily Investment

HIGHLIGHTS OF METRO RANKINGS The New York metropolitan area led the county in total multifamily acquisitions over the

Seniors Housing is Having its Moment

Pricing of seniors housing & care assets changed little from mid-2016, and investors remain bullish on the sector, despite some market and operational headwinds. These were just two of the key findings of the semi-annual “U.S. Seniors Housing & Care Investor Survey and Trends Report” published recently by CBRE Valuation and Asset Services and CBRE

Are development trends hurting the new and the high-end?

When I’m asked where we are in the multifamily cycle, two things come to mind. First, that the

We Built this City…on Jobs, People and Investors!

Investment volumes into commercial real estate (CRE) in Q1 got a lot of attention due to the drop in volume. But where is the money flowing to in terms of destinations? The gateway cities (New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington D.C. and Chicago) remain the top destinations for investment in terms of investment volume

Are U.S. Multifamily Constructions Starts Slowing? No. Not Yet!

A leading concern in the U.S. multifamily market is the pace of development activity. New supply (deliveries) began