Millennial Marriage Delays Drive Multifamily Demand

The average age of U.S. adults at their first marriages has risen to historical highs. From 1960 to 2018, the average rose seven years for both men and women. Over the past 10 years alone, the average climbed by two years. In 2018, the average age was 29.8 years for men and 27.8 for women.

Hold or Sell?

In the commercial real estate world, timing is everything. At this late stage in the cycle, property owners are weighing whether they should hold on to their assets—or sell them. The time to sell may come after a predetermined hold period, maturing debt, or a dramatic change in occupancy, but the answer is greatly influenced

Nervous Energy

It would be remiss not to begin this column in the aftermath of Cannes 2019 without commenting on my own personal views from MIPIM. Glorious sunshine for the three days I was in Cannes masked what is generally a pretty nervous real estate industry. Whether the nervousness is around politics, pricing, the ticking cyclical clock,

The Coming of New Bangkok

Bangkok’s skyline is going to change yet again due to the coming of the new Bangkok city plan

Play Ball!

Baseball’s opening day has arrived. This week, all 30 Major League teams will open their 2019 seasons. Excitement is electric in households across America. On opening day, every team is in first place. Hopes and dreams for a victorious year run deep. Yet, there will ultimately be just one World Series winner come October. Speculation runs

Boom! Sale-Leaseback Activity Red-Hot

The corporate buyout environment was extraordinarily competitive in 2018 and remains hot moving into 2019. While investors have allocated more capital to private equity over the past five years than any time in history, factors inhibiting sponsors’ ability to transact include high valuation multiples, debt limits, and new tax laws limiting interest expense deductibility. With

On the Level

Imagine an elevator in a crowded shopping mall. Chinese investors staying in the lift, thinking more carefully than ever about their next purchase, and going in for refunds. Koreans and Singaporeans shopping in the spaces once occupied by Chinese investors, with a growing footprint by Malaysians and Thais. Japanese investors getting off at more floors.

Market Dynamics and Resilience: A Love Story

Commercial real estate markets across Asia-Pacific are expected to remain stable but their strength will be tested by unpredictable monetary policy and financial market volatility this year. The market dynamics could produce a variety of possible outcomes for Asia-Pacific commercial real estate, both positive and negative. What’s certain, though, is that both investors and tenants

Strong CRE Market Belies Germany’s Economic Slowdown

Many economies suffered a slowdown in the second half of 2018 but perhaps the biggest surprise was the sharp downturn in Germany. Having expanded by 2.5% in 2017, the German economy contracted by 0.2% in Q3 2018. The latest estimates show no growth in Q4, so it seems that Germany avoided a recession only by

Productivity: The Holy Grail of Workplace Strategy

The opening scene of Monty Python’s “The Meaning of Life” shows a group of older office workers chained to their desks as their office is transformed into a pirate ship. The workers, who are comedically lashed by young task masters to row faster, ultimately revolt until the ship falls off the edge of a flat