Seamless Connectivity

Passenger elevators were invented in 1857 and transformed real estate in America. Prior to this, the cheapest rent you could get was the top floor of the building! Times have changed.

Under the old paradigms, users of real estate usually considered property condition as a priority. Then, environmental issues became the focus. Today, connectivity and seamless utility of technological products is an expectation not a luxury producing dissatisfaction if not provided. Everyone has their own story about what’s important.

Considering buildings as technological units within the broader web of internet 5G and FCC communications is a dramatic shift happening today. Navigating vendors, products, and keeping up with new developments for maximum benefit is of paramount importance. Not just because users of real estate have high expectations, but also because in today’s environment significant income opportunities are available if negotiated properly.

As we focus on differentiators that set us apart in this ever-changing industry, our Building Technologies Services (BTS) team, part of  Valuation & Advisory Services, can provide the needed (unbiased) consultative assistance a modern building needs. BTS analyzes a buildings’ full technological profile from rooftop strategies for income, through to an unbiased consultative approach, to harnessing the many technology vendors clamoring to provide services to owners and users. We have expanded our capabilities recently and restructured to meet the increasing demands from our investor-focused clients, as well as large national tenants.

A consultative, unattached approach to harness the very best of changing technological services is a net time saver for owners and large users alike. Additionally, problem-solving to troubleshoot unworkable situations, renegotiate onerous or one-sided existing rooftop contracts, and support in selecting only appropriate vendors that meet particular needs takes the burden of understanding and researching the technology world from a client’s shoulders to ours.

We look forward to serving clients in this way and will be following up with descriptions of more specific strategies soon.

By Jason Lund, Executive Managing Director, Valuation & Advisory Services.